Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.
— Tony Robins

July 2022

Become an economics student at Universitas Indonesia

Feb 2020

Joined the Apple Developer Academy

Jan 2020

Wrote my first paid publication on LogRocket

Nov 2019

Created a channel on YouTube and uploaded my first video

Oct 2019

Ran my first paid workshop

Sep 2019

Became the VP of Engineering at Techinlabs

Aug 2019

Gave my first tech talk at DevTalks about mobile development

Feb 2019

Got my first freelance project from LPEM Universitas Indonesia

Jan 2019

Created this blog and published my first post

May 2018

Got my first job as a tech mentor at Impact Byte

Mar 2018

Leave school and join coding bootcamp


Made my first "hello world" app